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Easy and convenient, there are no pills to take. Just simply chew gum.

When you chew Hunger Blast Gum the appetite suppressant, Satiereal, quickly starts working to promote:

  • reduced snacking
  • decreased hunger between meals
  • fewer sugar cravings
  • improved mood
  • weight loss

The appetite suppressant, Satiereal, is rapidly delivered to your bloodstream through the oral tissues of your mouth so it can STOP the CRAVE to cheat on your diet.


A patented, powerful, clinically tested botanical extract from the saffron flower. Hunger Blast is the only appetite suppressant gum containing Satiereal available in North America.


The continued chewing sensation psychologically helps reduce the craving to eat.


The key ingredient is derived from the saffron flower and was shown on the Dr. Oz program.


On average 10 candy bars could cost you over $15.00 dollars and 2,500 useless weight gain calories. Save money and your diet with Hunger Blast Gum.